Upgrade your testing infrastructure to become the risk-assessment and insight-generating platform it was always meant to be.

Trustworthy AI has been acquired by Waymo.

We are excited to announce that we are joining Waymo.

About Us

Quantifying risk with
unparalleled efficiency

We specialize in software to accelerate the development, testing, and deployment of safety-critical autonomous systems. Having testing/simulation infrastructure alone does not mean you can generate useful data around safety, actionable insights, or improvements from one build to the next. Our solutions integrate with existing testing/simulation infrastructure to efficiently find and prioritize failures. We evaluate the risk of safety-critical autonomous systems and improve testing suites to drive continuous integration.

Cutting-edge research for real-life challenges.

In our latest research paper, we conduct the first independent evaluation of a full-stack AV system that is on the road today.


"We have looked at more than 20 offerings in the simulation and safety space, and Trustworthy AI® has a unique take on understanding and measuring safety. Working with Trustworthy AI®, we continue to generate new important insights for our core business."

- Michael Fischer, Chief of Innovation, Aioi Insurance Services USA

"Trustworthy AI® has proven with their Comma work that they can discover failing scenarios ranked by the probability they will occur at test time. This will be crucial for dealing with the long-tail of self-driving in an effective way."

- Craig Quiter, Deepdrive

Our team

Who we are

Aman Sinha

Co-founder, President

Justin Norden

Co-founder, CEO

Matt O'Kelly

Co-founder, CTO

Natalie Afonina

Head of Product

John Duchi


Russ Tedrake